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Обучающий видеокурс Master the Drupal
Серия уроков для начинающих знакомится с cиcтемой управления Drupal. пoдробное описание каждoго из 30 уроков ниже...

Производитель: Masterthe Drupal
Год выпуска: 2009
Язык: английский
размер: 1000 Mb

Видео: TSCC 500x375 10.00fps 34Kbps
Аудио: MS ADPCM 22050Hz stereo 178Kbps


Video 1 - An Introduction To Drupal
In video 01 of the Drupal Video series, I will introduce you to and define CMS. Some say the Drupal is the best in the CMS arena, but which version of Drupal is right for you? This video will help you decide so don't skip this one

Video 2 - Install Drupal The Easy Way
In video 02 of the Drupal Video series, I will show you the easy way to install the software. If you can click a mouse and find the keys on your keyboard and click on a few of them, then you can install Drupal in just a few minutes after watching these videos.

Video 3 - Install Drupal The Manual Way
Video 03 in the Drupal series will show you how and tell you why you might want to manually install your Drupal software. After watching this video you will be overflowing with confidence in your new found ability to install this awesome program. No worries here, with this step-by-step video.

Video 4 - Basic User Configuration
In video 04 of the Drupal Series, you will understand how to create users and assign them various permissions. This will allow them to have access, or zero access to certain places and functions of your website.

Video 5 - Basic Site Configuration
In video 05 in the Drupal video series, you will learn how to configure your Drupal Website. When I first hear the words "Configure Your Website" it sounds difficult and time consuming. Not after watching this video it won't be.

Video 6 - Drupal Blocks
In Video 06 of the Drupal Video Series, you will get a better understanding of what Blocks are and how they will help organize your Drupal site. You are going to learn how to add, and configure your blocks. One of the many new features in version 6.x is how you are able to move your blocks from one place to another. Watch this video and find out how.

Video 7 - Drupal Modules
In this video we will introduce you to the Drupal Modules.
Modules add tons of additional functionality to your Drupal web sites. We will show what they are, where they are and how to get them to work for you.

Video 8 - Adding A WYSIWYG Module
In this video in the Drupal video series you will see how to add a html editor module to your website. You will also learn how to configure it and this applies to adding most any module to your website.

Video 9 - Drupal Reports
In video 09 of the Drupal series you will be introduced to the reports section of your website. Sure reports sound boring, but in this video you will see the benefits of the reports section and how it will keep you informed of all the good, the bad and the ugly of what’s going on in your website.

Video 10 - Actions & Triggers
In this video we will show you what an action and a trigger are and how they can help simplify your life as a Drupal Website owner and administrator. These two items will automate some of your tasks so you can focus on some of the fun stuff.

Video 11 - Drupal Themes
In this video of the Drupal Video Series, you are going to learn all things Themes. Where to find more themes, how to customize your existing themes as well as install, enable and configure a new theme. As an added bonus, I'm going to show you how to customize your own shortcut icon also known as a favicon, and install it into your theme. Lets get to it!

Video 12 - Content Type
In this video on Content Type, we will discuss and define the various Content Types. After watching this video you will no longer be confused on what the difference is between a Page and a Story, or a Blog and a Book. Watch & Learn.

Video 13 - Content - Add A Page
In this video we will be adding content to our site in the form of a Page. You will learn the difference between a page and other forms of content. This and the other "Content Adding Videos" will get you going in the right direction for making your new Drupal web site ready for the public.

Video 14 - Content – Add A Story
In this video of the Drupal Video Series, you will be introduced to the adding Stories section. We will be adding an article to a new parent directory we create as well as adding a video to a different parent directory we create. This video is loaded with details, so you don't want to miss this one.

Video 15 - Content – Add A Book
In video 15 of the Drupal Video Series, we will be talking about the Book Function. You will learn how to create your Book and set it up so that others can contribute to it as well. This and the other Content Adding Videos are crucial to creating a unique Drupal Web site.

Video 16 - Menus
In video 16 of the Drupal Video Series, you will be introduced to the Menu function. The Menu is the same as navigation. You will learn how to create and organize the links to the various content created on your site. Don't allow your Drupal Site to be an unruly mass of content thrown all about - Watch this video!

Video 17 - Taxonomy
In this video in the Drupal Video Series we will tackle Taxonomy. We will break the code of confusion surrounding Drupal Taxonomy. You will learn how to use Taxonomy to arrange the clutter on your Drupal site to make it both user and search engine friendly. Watch and learn.

Video 18 - Setting Up The Forum
In this video you will be taken by the hand and shown the basics of setting up your own Drupal forum. Your forum will help keep your members informed and it’s the quickest way to create and sustain your own community

Video 19 - SEO
In this video we will cover some tips on making your Drupal site more search engine friendly. The better your sites SEO the better your ranking in the organic search results. This will increase the visitors to your site and this will increase your recurring income. Sounds like a video not to miss.

Video 20 - Customizing The Front Page Part 1
In this video you will learn how to customize your Drupal sites front page so that a different page view can appear depending on who is logging in. This video will show you how to add this massive amount of flexibility and functionality to an otherwise dull and plain front page.

Video 21 - Customizing The Front Page Part 2
In video 21 of the Learning Drupal Video Series, we will finish showing you how to customize your sites front page.

Video 22 - Introduction To Setting Up Your Drupal Membership Site
In this video you will be introduced to the process involved in adding membership functionality to your existing Drupal Site. Membership sites are a fantastic way to generate recurring income. If you provide unique and marketable information, why not get paid for it. There are several ways to setup a membership site - here is one of my favorites.

Video 23 - Drupal Roles For Membership Site
In this video you will learn a bit more about setting up various roles and permission levels in Drupal to work along side of the aMember script. We have touched on this in a previous video already but here we will take it a bit further for our membership site.

Video 24 - How To Install The aMember Script
In this video we will walk you through the process of installing the aMember script. If you are not familiar or comfortable with installing scripts, then this is a must see video. Set your fears aside and watch and learn.

Video 25 - How To Configure aMember
In this video you will be taken by the hand and shown the basics of setting up your aMember script. This lays the foundation for everything else to build from and you might be surprised at just how much is covered in this short video.

Video 26 - How To Setup Your Payment Processor
This is one of the most important videos in creating your Drupal membership site. Here we walk you through setting up your payment processor. Its simple really, no payment processor - no payment. This video takes all the guesswork out of setting up the payment processor.

Video 27 - How To Create Your aMember Products (Levels Of Membership)
In this video you will learn step-by-step how to create an aMembers product. For the purpose of these videos the product will be various levels of memberships like a Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels.

Video 28 - How To Setup Protection For Your Different Products
In video 28 in the Drupal Video How-To Series, by showing you how to protect your products you will learn how to provide different levels of content for different levels of membership. It’s so easy a caveman can do it. After watching this video you will be able to add almost instant value to your membership site by being able to add additional levels and charge accordingly.

Video 29 - Test Your Membership Site
In this video we will make sure all our t's are crossed and our i's are dotted. After you have put everything together it is time to test it all before you go live. You should be the one to find all the glitches and problem pieces...not your customers - This video will show you what to look for.

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